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Lanveur Botanica Intensive Repair Foot 3-step Bundle

Lanveur Botanica Intensive Repair Foot 3-step Bundle

Lanveur Botanica's Foot Repair 3-Step Bundle is meticulously curated to rejuvenate and restore the softness and strength of dry, callused feet, reigniting the comfort and grace of healthy, happy feet.

Our 3-month intensive care pack has been artfully formulated to deal with stubborn calluses, offering a lasting solution to restore the natural smoothness of your feet. With noticeable results typically surfacing from the second pack onwards, by the end of this tailored regimen, you'll witness a significant and enduring banishment of calluses. After this, a simple maintenance routine can effectively keep those pesky cracked heels and recurring calluses at bay. Welcome to the world of softer, healthier feet with Lanveur Botanica!

Eliminating stubborn calluses and rough patches

preventing the recurrence of calluses and cracks

Restoring and maintaining the smooth, soft texture of your feet

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1-Month Trial Pack
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2-Month Progress Pack
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Callus-Free 3-Month Intensive Care Pack
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1-Month Trial Pack
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2-Month Progress Pack
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Callus-Free 3-Month Intensive Care Pack
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Boosting Foot Blood Circulation

Restoring Foot Softness and Strength

Ending the Cycle of Recurring Foot Calluses

The Lanveur Promise

Paraben Free

Additive Free

Cruelty Free

BHA Free

Money Back Guarantee

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Product Details

Revitalized Feet. Enduring Softness. Immerse yourself in the healing potency of Lanveur Botanica's Foot Repair 3-Step Bundle, an exquisite treatment meticulously designed to tackle the stubborn problem of recurring foot calluses. Packed with powerful, all-natural ingredients, this luxurious bundle works tirelessly to boost blood circulation, restore softness, and strengthen your feet. Experience the transformative effects as it visibly reduces calluses, revealing smooth, resilient, and youthful feet that exude comfort and elegance.

Key Facts

Efficiently Eradicates Recurring Foot Calluses
Rapidly Revitalizes Dry & Cracked Foot Skin
Restores Smooth, Youthful-Looking Feet Skin

Helps With

Efficiently Boosting Foot Blood Circulation
Revitalizing Foot Skin's Softness & Strength
Eliminating Recurring Foot Calluses








Mugwort Leaf to Boost Blood Circulation

This natural ingredient is renowned for its warming properties and its role in promoting good circulation, vital for alleviating cold feet symptoms and encouraging healthier, softer skin. Mugwort leaf, in our unique formula, works like an at-home spa treatment, improving the blood flow to your feet without needing a professional therapist.

Old Ginger to Energize Your Feet

Just like nature's own stimulant, this ingredient enhances circulation and helps soothe aches. Old ginger in our foot soak brings the vigor back to your tired feet, acting as a potent revitalizer without causing any discomfort. Ginger is a root that's naturally rich in beneficial compounds.

Mulberry Branch to Improve Sleep

A traditional herbal remedy, mulberry branch works to calm your nervous system, promoting a restful night's sleep. Just like a soothing lullaby, it prepares your body for rest, helping you sleep better naturally.

Japanese Knotweed to Revitalize Your Feet

A potent source of resveratrol, this natural ingredient aids in skin rejuvenation, helping to restore the strength and youthful glow of your feet. It's like a revitalizing potion, rejuvenating your feet without any harsh chemicals.

Sanguisorba Officinalis for Skin Nourishment

Known for its skin benefits, this herb moisturizes and nourishes, paving the way for softer, healthier feet. It's akin to a natural moisturizer, nourishing your skin from within.

Ligustrum Lucidum for Blood Circulation

This herb, also known as glossy privet, has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to promote blood circulation. This is your natural aid for improving blood flow to the feet, contributing to warmer feet and better nutrient distribution.

Dried Tangerine Peel for Foot Odor

Rich in essential oils and antimicrobial properties, dried tangerine peel naturally fights against foot odor, offering a refreshing citrus scent. Consider it as your natural deodorizer, helping to keep your feet fresh. 

Lycopodium Clavatum for Skin Protection

This moss, commonly known as clubmoss, contains beneficial compounds that have protective effects on the skin. Acting like a protective barrier, it safeguards your feet against environmental stressors.

Circulation-Boosting Herbal Blend for Revitalized Feet & Improved Sleep

Leonurus Japonicus and Mulberry Leaf offer calming and nourishing effects, enhancing sleep and skin health. Cinnamon Twig improves circulation and warms the feet, while Salvia Miltiorrhiza and Cyperus Rotundus provide antioxidant protection and hydration. Achyranthes Bidentata aids in joint flexibility, and Saposhnikovia Divaricata soothes the skin. Lastly, Du Huo relieves foot discomfort. Together, they form a potent blend that boosts foot health, targets pain points, and offers a rejuvenating foot care experience.

How To Use

Our 3-Step Foot Repair Bundle harmonizes with your body's innate healing process, fostering natural repair rather than imposing damage. Through gentle, nurturing care, we help your feet regain their softness and health without resorting to harsh or disruptive treatments.

Step 1: Soak

Immerse a sachet of our 100% all-natural herbal soak into hot water. For optimal results, boil the sachet to fully release the potent botanicals. Let the water reach a tolerable yet as high a temperature as possible, ensuring it fully submerges your feet.

The herbal soak is designed to boost blood circulation, improve sleep, and detoxify your feet, kickstarting the natural healing process to eliminate recurring calluses. Aligning with your body's inherent healing mechanism, we aim to promote healing, not inflict harm. Use this soak at least 3 times a week.

Step 2: Repair

Slip your feet into our nurturing foot mask booties, enriched with essential oils and herbal extracts. Relish the natural care and profound repair effects to reduce recurring calluses. This step should be repeated at least twice a week.

Step 3: Protect

Seal in the goodness and provide lasting protection with our deep nourishing foot cream. Applied morning and night, it safeguards your feet against harsh elements and ensures round-the-clock nourishment. Use this step twice daily for optimal results.


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