Age-Defying Lift & Firm Neck Balm by Dr. A

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Lanveur Ageless Neck Balm

Lanveur Ageless Neck Balm

Lanveur Botanica's Ageless Neck Balm is meticulously crafted to revitalize and reclaim the elegance of thin, sagging neck skin.

With routine at-home application, this 95% natural, fully ethical balm can guide you towards a firm, lifted appearance for your jawline, neck, and décolleté area.

Helps banish neck wrinkles and fine lines

Can prevent the formation of fine lines under the neck and décolletage

Helps lift and firm the neck and décolletage for a more youthful look

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Minimizing Visible Indications of Aging

Boosting Neck Skin Volume & Elasticity

Tightening Saggy, Lackluster Neck Skin

The Lanveur Promise

Paraben Free

Additive Free

Cruelty Free

BHA Free

Money Back Guarantee

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Product Details

Lifted Neck. Timeless Elegance. Embrace the rejuvenating power of Lanveur Botanica's Ageless Neck Balm, a luxurious formula expertly crafted to target wrinkles and fine lines on the delicate neck area. Infused with potent, natural ingredients, this luxurious balm works diligently to smooth, firm, and revitalize your neckline. Experience the transformative effects as it visibly diminishes signs of aging, revealing a lifted, radiant, and youthful neck that exudes confidence and grace.

Key Facts

Effectively Diminishes Neck Wrinkles & Fine Lines
Instantly Firms Loose & Sagging Neck Skin
Restores Radiant, Youthful-Looking Neck Skin

Helps With

Minimizing Visible Indications of Aging
Boosting Neck Skin Volume & Elasticity
Tightening Saggy, Lackluster Neck Skin








Natural-sourced vitamin C to Boost collagen

This natural ingredient aids in inhibiting muscle activity that contributes to wrinkle creation. It acts as a milder, at-home version of Botox, without requiring a medical professional or causing any painful discomfort.

Hydrolyzed Collagen to Plump & Firm

A powerful anti-aging collagen that not only replace lost collagen but also sends cues to replenish depleted collagen. Collagen plays a crucial role in maintaining the skin's strength and firmness.

Ginger Root Extract to rejuvenate & anti-oxidant

Containing over 40 antioxidants, This revolutionary anti-aging ginger oil operates by significantly lowering levels of a harmful protein scientifically associated with thin, aging skin. In an industry case study, a substantial majority of women reported improvements in volume, firmness, and skin density when using ginger oil.

Pink Peppercorn Fruit Extract to Lift &Anti-wrinkle

Spice Pink Peppercorn is known to own various antioxidants including phytosterols and terpenes that help neuromuscular communication within the skin structure, providing short- and long-term anti-wrinkle property and a lifting effect while soothing the stressed skin.

Purple Viper's Bugloss Seed Oil to Repair & Strengthen

A great source of omega-3-linolenic acid and an omega-3 precursor fatty acid known as stearidonic acid that helps repair and strengthens skin's moisture barrier, in turn leaving skin less sensitive to environmental stressors.

Balloon Vine Leaf Extract to Anti-inflammatory & Anti-oxidant

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties due to flavanols, glycosides, and phenols, this Asian Vine extract moisturizes the skin, relieves irritation, and soothes itchy reddened skin.

Organic Avocado Oil to Heal & Moisturize

With monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, Avocado oil penetrates deeper layers and acts as an effective moisturizer. Thanks to its linoleic acid, oleic acid, and other monosaturated fatty acids, Avocado oil help speed up wound healing. It is believed that avocado oil can boost collagen synthesis and reduce the number of inflammatory cells during the wound-healing process. 

How To Use

Gently massage a generous amount into the skin using a downward motion until fully absorbed. It is best to apply as the last step in your skincare routine, twice a day, for optimal results.

Cleanse Your Skin

Start by washing your face and neck area, then pat dry.

Apply the Ageless Neck Balm

Holding the Ageless Neck Balm, glide it directly onto your neck skin in downward strokes. This method not only aligns with the direction of lymphatic drainage for optimal effectiveness, but also enhances the balm's capability to firm and lift your neck area.

Allow For Complete Absorption

Wait for 3-5 minutes to let the balm fully absorb and hydrate your skin.


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Are there any specific ingredients in the Ageless Neck Balm that make it stand out from other neck skincare products on the market?
Do you offer any guarantees or refunds if the product doesn't meet my expectations?