Urgent Need for Foot Care Before Summer

With summer on the way, this foot repair bundle
has gone viral for restoring soft, smooth, and healthy feet in just 3 months!

Every mom knows that feeling of excitement when you get a chance to break out of that rut.

As a mom in my mid-30s with 3 kids, I can’t tell you how excited I was when I opened the mailbox to find something that wasn’t a bill.

It was an invitation to my favorite cousin’s wedding, which would be held on the beach.

I instantly fell into a daydream, imagining myself walking along the shore while the waves rolled up. Sunning myself by the sea until it was time to get ready for the wedding.

Of course, this reverie was interrupted by my kids who were clamoring for snacks.

My kids, who would be staying with my husbands’ parents while we went to the wedding. It was a chance at freedom!

My husband was happy for the chance for us to attend without the kids. He told me to have fun shopping for something to wear to the wedding.

In my excitement, I rushed to the mall to shop for the perfect dress and shoes. I felt like Cinderella, which may sound a bit silly. I mean, it wasn’t MY wedding.

But it was the first time in a while, more time than I’d care to admit, that I was doing something just for myself.

I spent the entire day wandering around the mall, enjoying trying on dresses while my own mother stayed with the kids. I felt like I was free to be myself and have fun for a change.

If you’ve ever tried shopping for yourself with your kids tagging along, YOU KNOW.

When I found the perfect dress, I was elated. Now it was time to find the shoes.

I thought a fancy pair of strappy sandals would be a great match.

I entered a nice women’s shoe store that had exactly what I wanted displayed in the windows.

The sales girl asked for my size and retreated to the back to bring the sandals. These were going to set me back a bit, but my husband said to get whatever I wanted.

I settled into one of the big comfy chairs until the salesperson returned with several pairs of sandals. I slid my feet out of my sneakers and socks, and this woman looked at me with absolute horror.

“Wow, when’s the last time you had a pedicure? Must have been a while! Those calluses will be all anyone notices if you wear these sandals. May I suggest something with closed toes perhaps?”

I sat there, feeling like I’d been punched in the gut.

Maybe she thought she was being helpful, but she wasn’t. I was deeply embarrassed, and offended. I hurriedly put my socks and sneakers back on my feet and raced out of the store.

I felt so bad about myself that I couldn’t even face going into another shoe store. Tears streamed down my face, making it hard for me to even find where I’d parked.

Maybe I should just wear sneakers to the wedding so no one can see my ugly feet.

And sadly, that’s what I had done. I hoped that because of the length of my dress, no one would notice.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

A woman approached me, a friend of my cousin’s. She said she noticed my beautiful dress and was coming to ask me where I’d bought it. But then she’d seen my shoes and thought maybe I’d forgotten to pack my sandals.

“You look about my size…I have an extra pair up in my hotel room. I could grab them for you, I don’t mind. I’ve forgotten my dress shoes before,” she said.

I was stunned by the kindness of a stranger. But it also had me thinking of how soft and smooth my feet used to be.

I remembered how my husband would love to touch my feet and compliment how beautiful they were. He hasn’t said a single thing about my feet in well over 5 years. Was it just our busy life that had done this to us? Or was it my ugly, callused feet?

I suddenly realized that my eyes were welling up with tears and quickly excused myself to the bathroom.

I didn’t want to ruin my cousin’s wedding with my awful feet.

Once in the bathroom, I let the tears flow. It felt good to let it out, and I dabbed at my makeup with tissues to make an attempt at looking presentable.

I kind of felt silly since I have this great life with my family. But I also felt loss, especially as I looked at all these other women dressed in beautiful gowns and sandals. They looked so put together…why couldn’t I? How had I gotten to this point?

I resolved to pull myself together so I wouldn’t miss my cousin’s special moment.

But as I exited the bathroom, that kind woman was sitting there, waiting for me. She said she was worried she’d offended me and wanted to apologize.

It only made me cry harder.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle though.

Patty, as she introduced herself, listened to me wail about my hideous feet. The entire story came pouring out, and I could see the look of outrage on my behalf when I told her how the sales girl had treated me at the shoe store.

When I’d finished letting it all out, Patty told me there was a simple fix for my problem.

“I went through the same thing with my feet after having my kids,” she explained. “Then I found the Lanveur Foot Repair 3-Step Bundle and it changed everything.”

A Unique Approach to Foot Care

Patty explained that she used pumice stones, foot masks, and all sorts of products that didn’t really help her calluses or smooth her feet.

She tried Lanveur after her sister had received it for a gift and wouldn’t stop talking about it. “She’d said it was the best thing she had ever used on her feet,” Patty told me.

Lanveur has a completely different approach from other foot care products. This bundle was designed to go much deeper than the surface to truly target the root cause of calluses.

Women’s feet don’t just become dry or callused gradually. They often change dramatically after having children. You can scrub them and rub them with lotion all you like, but if you’re not addressing the changes in your body when you become a mom, you’re not correcting the problem.

What makes Lanveur different is that the 3 steps also target the metabolism and toxin accumulation. There’s a foot soak that detoxifies and helps boost the body’s natural healing processes, allowing it to heal itself for foot repair and rejuvenation. There are foot masks and foot lotion too, Patty added, that help unify the healing process.

After the wedding, I ordered Lanveur’s foot bundle, now on a mission to heal my feet.

I can’t believe it – it worked!

I’m telling my story now after having used the Lanveur Foot Repair 3-Step Bundle consistently for 3 months. My feet are baby soft again, and my husband has been back to touching them every chance he gets.

I’m on a mission to spread the word, and honestly, this bundle is going viral because so many moms are having the same amazing experience.

I’ve renewed my confidence and my calluses. And I truly feel lighter and cleaner on the inside too. It’s absolutely incredible that it has also helped me feel better throughout my entire body.

See why there are over 5,000 positive reviews for Lanveur’s foot bundle!

Thanks to Patty, I found this amazing foot care bundle. I never realized how much pregnancy can change our bodies until I met her. We’ve become friends and stay in touch. We even remind each other to take time for the Lanveur foot soak.

You can buy all the Lanveur products in the bundle separately, but they really do their best work when you use them all together. The foot soak is the perfect way to relax and escape from a busy day while the foot mask infuses my feet with a mixture of pure and natural botanicals – stuff like ginger and Japanese knotweed. Then that rich cream is the perfect finishing touch, which, unlike other foot creams, soaks right into your feet, leaving them soft rather than sticky and icky.

Once you try this foot bundle, you will see why it has gone viral.

You will also be proudly putting on sandals and showing off those feet.

Do it today and you can save 42%. It’s completely risk-free too, in the even that you’re somehow not completely amazed by the results.

Since thousands and thousands of people are loving this natural, cruelty-free, holistic foot care bundle, it’s safe to say you’re going to love it too.

Hurry and order now because the Lanveur 3-Step Foot Care Bundle keeps selling out. You can check the availability and if there are any left, do not wait to get it or you’ll miss out!

  • Feels like they sutures cracks and cuts in feet

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Deborah M.

    I have spent years struggling with overworked and tired feet. As a woman who enjoys walking barefoot around her home, my feet have certainly seen better days. But with the discovery of this Foot Repair 3 Step Bundle, I've found my saving grace.

    The foot soak was my first delightful experience. It calmed and soothed my exhausted feet like nothing I had ever tried before. After a few uses, I even started to notice my nails and cuticles looking healthier, more nourished.

    The foot mask booties were another revelation. The scent of herbal was absolutely divine, making each use a delightful sensory experience. I found that massaging the outside of the booties really helped to spread the treatment over my feet and toes. After about 30 minutes, I removed them carefully, making sure to keep the excess lotion inside. I rubbed the remaining lotion into my legs, leaving them feeling incredibly soft and pampered.

    And finally, the foot cream was the icing on the cake. I used to believe my dry, cracked feet were just a sign of aging, something I couldn't avoid. But this foot cream proved me wrong. In just two days, I noticed a remarkable improvement. My feet felt softer, much like they did in my teenage years.

    The best part of all this? The ingredients. Natural, soothing, and highly effective.

    Continuous use of this 3 step bundle led to my feet peeling, naturally shedding those hard calluses without drying them out. My feet have not just been restored but strengthened - they no longer form hard calluses as a protective measure.

    And my husband, he can't stop marveling at the transformation. I recommend this bundle to anyone struggling with recurring calluses and dry feet - you won't be disappointed!

    -Deborah, Customer  
  • Improvements of Cracked Feet

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Katherine R.

    Moving from Georgia back to the frosty winters of Michigan, my poor feet went into shock, cracking and splitting like never before. I was utterly clueless about how to tackle this, until my aunt recommended the Foot Repair 3-Step Bundle. Honestly, it's been my saving grace!

    The foot soak has been a pure joy. It's not only soothing, but it’s also helped improve my sleep. I kid you not, the first night I used it, I slept like a log, much like my husband does every night!

    Next up, the foot mask booties - absolute heaven! My feet were in such a bad state, they were bleeding through my socks. But these booties turned everything around, making my feet feel buttery smooth. They are a bit slippery initially, so my advice is to use them before bed and enjoy the magic they do overnight.

    The foot cream was the final touch in this miraculous bundle. It may feel a bit sticky at first, but don't worry, it quickly sinks in to form a protective barrier. The beauty of this cream is that once you establish a daily routine, you'll find you need less product and fewer applications.

    -Katherine, International Silver-Hair Model 
  • Clean Formula, very Happy Feet

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Pamela D.

    I've reached the stage in life where moisturizing has become my mantra. Honestly, I've lost count after 16 different types of foot creams from Amazon. Day and night, moisturizing has been the routine, and I adore how soft my feet feel. But boy, those tiny tubes run out so fast!

    Each cream has its perks, so I won't say "nothing worked until this". But, this 3-step bundle has won my heart and here's why. It boasts a 97% organic "herbal formula". I'm unsure about the remaining 3%, but it's an excellent leap towards a greener skincare regime. My feet feel smooth yet uncoated, the cream dries swiftly leaving my feet feeling fresh and nourished from within. Unlike many creams, there's no slippery aftermath, just a clean and fresh sensation. Perfect for a barefoot aficionado like me.

    I'm yet to fully commit to the 3-pack bundle but it's definitely next on my list. I'm still squeezing the last bits out of my old tubes, but I'm eagerly waiting to not have to wrestle them open for the last bit of cream. Not a fan of doing that every day, twice!

    So, to wrap it up, this 3-step bundle is effective, eco-friendly, packed conveniently, and a pleasure to use. Plus, it's at least 97% organic and plant-based. It’s a veritable checklist of goodness. What a find!

    -Pamela, Beauty Insider