Say Goodbye to Neck Wrinkles: Promising Breakthrough Slows Down Collagen-Blocking Protein

2 Minute Evening Routine Provides Botox-Like Neck Firming Results

“I can’t believe you got surgery! 

Your wrinkles haven’t even been that bad…”

These are my husband's words after I returned home from my 2-week retreat in Tulum, Mexico. 

I booked a vacation with my best friend to take care of our skin and mental health. 

I was very stressed by my job and life.

Furthermore, I noticed how my anxiety, affected my skin. 

My skin felt dry, itchy, and less refreshed. 

I felt like I needed a break from life.

Insufficient sleep, work, and a busy family life stressed me out.

The fact that I’m getting older and should take more care of my skin and health also worried me.

It felt like I couldn’t squeeze my beauty routine into my busy day.

Every day, I was scared by more and more neck wrinkles that appeared. 

I wasn’t stressed by aging and its effects on my looks until one single day changed everything…

“Your grandkids must love spending time with you!”

My jaw dropped…

Hearing this sentence from one of my clients in my early 40s confused me.

I was talking about going to Disneyland with my 14-year-old daughter. 

How could that person think that I have grandkids that are 14?

This assumption was going through my head in the following weeks. 

It made me feel insecure about my looks.

I suddenly started to wear more makeup to hide any features that could make me look old.

I didn’t know what it could be until I talked to my best friend about it. 

“Don’t worry about it, he was most likely estimating your age based on your neck wrinkles.

It’s not that deep, it probably just slipped out of his mouth by accident.

As a gardener, you work a lot outside and your neck is getting a lot of sunlight during strong hours. 

I bet you applied a lot of sun cream on your neck in the last few years.

This should protect your neck skin from thinning and losing elasticity.” 

Sun cream on the neck? I only took care of my face! 

I was shocked at how I could underestimate the importance of taking care of my neck…

The damage was caused. My neck wrinkles have been horrible and I couldn’t turn back time. 

All I did was question if there is a way to turn my biological clock back.

What your neck firming serums really include…

In the last 14 months, I decided to test dozens of neck wrinkle products.

I was desperate to find the winning solution.

A product that can increase collagen production and elasticity on my neck.

This would help me to get rid of any wrinkles.

I was literally researching every book, study, and article about neck wrinkles. 

I found some promising ingredients, a couple of popular skin care products include. 

So I ordered 10 different neck wrinkles serums and creams and tested one brand a month.

I was documenting my progress with pictures and reviewing how my neck skin looked and felt on a daily basis. 

I took my transformation very seriously and was 100% convinced that I will find a solution.

I started my journey with products in the $20-$35 range.

At first, I felt like I’m doing something great for my skin.

Until I noticed that those creams and serums really do. 

They hydrate your neck skin and make it feel smooth. 

But after 30 minutes, you can notice how your skin gets dry and sticky.

Some of those popular neck wrinkle creams include alcohol in their ingredients. 

Alcohol strips away our skin's natural oils, leading to dryness and potential irritation.

Most cheap brands also include active ingredients like retinoids or acids.

When used in excess or without proper hydration, these potent ingredients can cause dryness and a sticky feeling on the skin.

Please stay away from those ingredients! 

After two months, I was further from my goal than when I started.

I couldn’t understand how the most expensive products couldn’t even help me. 

After hundreds of dollars spend and no results, I was desperate for progress.

I seriously contemplated getting surgery on my neck.

It’s a quick fix and within a week I would look 20 years younger, right?

That’s what I thought until I read some horror stories and the involved risks…

Bleeding, infections, scarring, and potential nerve damage.

Nope, this is not worth it.. 

I just accepted that time passes and that I’m getting old. 

I always had an open ear for new products and methods, but I didn’t put much hope into them.

The Missing Piece In Every Neck-Firming Product

On my 47th birthday, my best girlfriend and I booked a wellness and beauty retreat in Tulum. 

We got some facial massages and mud baths.

It felt so refreshing to our skin. 

I bet you also felt the power of a good holiday before. 

The woman that was hosting the event was from the Dominican Republic. 

Her skin was glowing, I expected her to be in her mid 30’s. 

I was shocked when she told me her real age of 62…

How is this even possible? 

While I’m struggling in my late 40s, she is glowing!

At first, I thought it was about the genetics of women from the Dominican Republic. 

But my mindset changed quickly.

After I blamed my genetics for my neck wrinkles, she just had to giggle.

“While I might look like I take care of my skin without any effort, it took me years to really find out how to maintain young skin.

While we age, our neck loses elasticity and the amount of produced collagen.

Many products miss out on those simple problems because the needed ingredients are expensive. 

Making a profit is their goal.

They rather get you short-term results by moisturizing the neck skin.

Even after an hour, you will notice that most products dry out your skin and don’t lead to any long-term results. 

My mother is a dermatologist and studied the effects of peptides and botanics on our skin's aging process.

All we really have is to help our skin to keep restoring our skin cells like it used to do in our 20s. 

How can we do that?

Two essential ingredients need to be included in your neck-firming product.

Peptides in skincare are powerful molecules that can have transformative effects on the skin. 

They promote collagen production, help improve skin texture and firmness, and can target specific concerns such as wrinkles or uneven skin tone, contributing to a more youthful and revitalized complexion.

In our teenage years and 20s we simply just had a higher collagen production.

Increasing our collagen production with peptides puts our skin into the same state like in our 20s.

Botanics in skincare taps into the natural properties of plant-derived ingredients to enhance the health and appearance of the skin. 

These botanical-based products offer a holistic approach to skincare, providing hydration, nourishment, and other beneficial effects for a healthier and more radiant complexion.

Compared to other skin care ingredients, botanics truly hydrate your skin instead of drying it out.”

Wow, I didn’t even know those product ingredients have been out there! 

I did some research about peptides and botanics.

They indeed seem to be breakthrough discoveries in the skin care industry!

Unfortunately, she didn’t have any brand recommendations in the United States. 

She mentioned that it was hard to find any products that include high-quality ingredients.

Luckily enough, she had her favorite neck balm with her. 

Finally, I got a product in my hands that include natural ingredients with scientific background about collagen and elasticity boosting effect. 

You will notice the difference!

I placed the first layer of balm on my neck and I was surprised.

The product felt completely different than others on my skin.

Even after 2 hours, my skin still felt moisturized and refreshed. 

No sticky skin, irritations, or dryness. 

I was excited to see the long-term effects or peptides and botanics.

My friend and I stayed for 10 more days in Tulum.

We woke every morning and have been shocked by the progress. 

Our neck skin got tighter and tighter each day. 

Wrinkles disappeared.

After 2 weeks of vacation, I arrived home. 

My husband was shocked! 

He thought I was on a secret trip to get surgery and spend thousands of dollars. 

Nobody could believe the results I got from the magical neck-firming balm!

Unfortunately, I ran out of the neck balm…

My results started to diminish every 3 days by a lot.

I tried to order the neck balm from Lanveur, but it was sold out. 

I contacted our Dominican friend Lisa and asked where she is getting her Balm from. 

She mentioned that the brand is out of stock for 2–3 months every 4 months.

She bought 8 balms on their last sale and was kind enough to let me buy of 2 of them. 

How feeling like I’m in my 20s turned my life around

I used Lanveurs neck balm for 3 months now. 

I still can’t comprehend how much better my life is since I took care of my neck skin. 

People perceived me as younger, more energetic and happier. 

My relationship and career took on a completely different level of enjoyment and success.

My husband is now inviting me on a weekly date. 

We hasn’t been organizing dates in years!

The truth, you will not only look younger. 

You will also feel better about yourself and your confidence will go through the roof. 

I recommended Lanveur to every friend of mine and they are stunned by their results. 

It’s proven to work and I want to share how grateful I’m for a product that puts the customer's happiness above profits.

I’m surprised that their products are back online again and not sold out yet. 

I also found a special discount I received via email and attached it below. 

I would love to hear how the neck balm will work for you and impact your life!

  • Finished the first balm and will definitely buying it again

    I have tried a few different neck creams but nothing seemed to help with the tech lines on my neck. I was skeptical to try Lanveur but decided to give it a try after seeing several facebook videos recommending it for tech lines.

    I just finished the first balm and I am definitely buying it  again. My neck looks smoother and my tech lines are reduced (not completely gone but I didn't expect them to disappear anyway). I apply this day and night and notice a difference in my neck when I don't apply it for a day or so.

    I hope it can make my tech lines gone but I am happy with what it does already.

    -Karen, Customer  
  • Returns 10 years back to me!

    I've tried several neck creams and this is the one that worked best for me! I literally feel like my neck lost 10 years! Look at my face and my neck and you could easily tell the difference!

    -Vicki, International Silver-Hair Model 
  • Visible Change!

    When I use this twice daily, I see significant improvement of the “tech neck” wrinkles in my neck, as well as wrinkles on my cleavage (from sleeping on my side). When I stop using it for more than a few days, the appearance of the wrinkles slowly creeps back up. Excellent product that actually made a difference.

    -Luna, Beauty Insider