It’s More Than Self-Care for Moms: How You Can Restore Smoothness to Your Feet in 3 Easy Steps!

Moms are notorious for neglecting their own self-care, especially when it comes to their feet. See why they’re buying up this foot repair bundle like crazy to restore to soft, smooth, and stronger condition in only 3 months!

As a mom of 3, one of them just months old, I found myself spread thinner than ever.

I’m always exhausted, and it shows. Not just under the eyes, but I’d truly been neglecting my own self-care.

Isn’t that the way we always do it? Putting our kids and our husbands and homes first?

But all of this would come to a head when I had to attend an event for my second child’s kindergarten class. I was so excited to join the fun…until we were asked to remove our shoes before entering.

Suddenly, a fresh wave of terror washed over me. My feet were no longer soft and smooth like they were before I had my kids.

Now, they were rough and callused.

Did other moms have this happen to them too?

I tried to be discreet but you know how kids are. “Mommy, what’s wrong with her feet?” one child asked, pointing in my direction.

I wanted the earth to swallow me whole.

It was then that I vowed to do something about this. But every avenue I’d pursue left me back at square one.

Lotions, scrubs, pumice stones, and even chemical peels did nothing to correct this issue.

The chemical peels were the worst, honestly, because they dried out my feet even more.

Then as I was lamenting to a friend on the phone about my daughter’s classmate pointing out my ugly feet, I found the secret to restoring my feet to that soft and smooth state that has eluded me since motherhood.

What’s the secret for repairing dry, callused feet?

My derm Kelly told me she’d found this incredible foot care bundle by Lanveur when she was trying to prime herself prior to a tropical vacation. Her feet had looked “disgusting” as she’d put it and like me, had tried it all.

“This one is different from all those other foot masks and foot products,” she’d said. The difference was that it focused on detoxing as well as nourishing.

I was intrigued.

What’s in this bundle?

Lanveur’s foot repair bundle comes with three products – a foot soak, foot mask, and foot cream. Kelly explained that you use them all together and they each do their part to help restore your feet.

“It’s more than a callus remover. It’s a holistic detox solution,” she said.

She sent me a screenshot of the packaging that showed the herbal foot soak was designed to draw out toxins, enhance circulation, and relieve aches.

I asked where I could find it and she said the only drawback was that it was online and not sold in stores. But she assured me hers arrived quickly, and that she’s been using it for several months. “In just a few weeks, I noticed a huge difference,” she’d explained, and that did it for me. I couldn’t wait to try it out.

The difference was night and day!

Not only did this foot bundle from Lanveur help remove calluses and restore the softness of my feet, but it also made me feel lighter overall.

I was sleeping better and in an overall better, more relaxed and patient mood with my family.

My husband realized that I needed time for my own self-care, and this one-hour routine was something I really started looking forward to doing. He made sure that the kids didn’t disturb me while I took care of my needs.

Initially, I bought this foot care bundle to clear up my calluses and spare myself embarrassment when removing my shoes. Now this detox aspect is an added bonus that has further helped me feel better overall.

It's not just about aesthetics…it's about feeling good from the inside out.

While the products in the bundle are individually for sale, this 3-step approach is what really makes the difference.

I’m not the only one to see a drastic difference. Lanveur’s foot bundle has over 5,000 positive reviews!

When I went to order this foot bundle, that’s when I saw how many other women had gone through similar experiences after having kids.

The reviews speak for themselves, showing that the best way to restore softness and smoothness to your feet is this holistic approach.

It’s also a nice treat in my day – the foot soak is so relaxing yet energizing as it boosted blood circulation for my feet. Then you use the foot mask that has only natural botanicals like ginger, Japanese knotweed, and mugwort leaf. The rich cream is the finishing touch that seals and protects your feet, and it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling behind like other brands.

After trying it, I can tell you exactly why it’s now a viral product on social media.

Order now and you can save 42%, and if you somehow don’t love it, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. I’m never giving it up!

For a natural and cruelty-free way to revive, restore, and refresh your weathered mom-feet, you’ve got to try Lanveur.

But hurry – it keeps going out of stock. Check the availability and don’t miss your chance to get it today!

  • Feels like they sutures cracks and cuts in feet

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Deborah M.

    I have spent years struggling with overworked and tired feet. As a woman who enjoys walking barefoot around her home, my feet have certainly seen better days. But with the discovery of this Foot Repair 3 Step Bundle, I've found my saving grace.

    The foot soak was my first delightful experience. It calmed and soothed my exhausted feet like nothing I had ever tried before. After a few uses, I even started to notice my nails and cuticles looking healthier, more nourished.

    The foot mask booties were another revelation. The scent of herbal was absolutely divine, making each use a delightful sensory experience. I found that massaging the outside of the booties really helped to spread the treatment over my feet and toes. After about 30 minutes, I removed them carefully, making sure to keep the excess lotion inside. I rubbed the remaining lotion into my legs, leaving them feeling incredibly soft and pampered.

    And finally, the foot cream was the icing on the cake. I used to believe my dry, cracked feet were just a sign of aging, something I couldn't avoid. But this foot cream proved me wrong. In just two days, I noticed a remarkable improvement. My feet felt softer, much like they did in my teenage years.

    The best part of all this? The ingredients. Natural, soothing, and highly effective.

    Continuous use of this 3 step bundle led to my feet peeling, naturally shedding those hard calluses without drying them out. My feet have not just been restored but strengthened - they no longer form hard calluses as a protective measure.

    And my husband, he can't stop marveling at the transformation. I recommend this bundle to anyone struggling with recurring calluses and dry feet - you won't be disappointed!

    -Deborah, Customer  
  • Improvements of Cracked Feet

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Katherine R.

    Moving from Georgia back to the frosty winters of Michigan, my poor feet went into shock, cracking and splitting like never before. I was utterly clueless about how to tackle this, until my aunt recommended the Foot Repair 3-Step Bundle. Honestly, it's been my saving grace!

    The foot soak has been a pure joy. It's not only soothing, but it’s also helped improve my sleep. I kid you not, the first night I used it, I slept like a log, much like my husband does every night!

    Next up, the foot mask booties - absolute heaven! My feet were in such a bad state, they were bleeding through my socks. But these booties turned everything around, making my feet feel buttery smooth. They are a bit slippery initially, so my advice is to use them before bed and enjoy the magic they do overnight.

    The foot cream was the final touch in this miraculous bundle. It may feel a bit sticky at first, but don't worry, it quickly sinks in to form a protective barrier. The beauty of this cream is that once you establish a daily routine, you'll find you need less product and fewer applications.

    -Katherine, International Silver-Hair Model 
  • Clean Formula, very Happy Feet

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Pamela D.

    I've reached the stage in life where moisturizing has become my mantra. Honestly, I've lost count after 16 different types of foot creams from Amazon. Day and night, moisturizing has been the routine, and I adore how soft my feet feel. But boy, those tiny tubes run out so fast!

    Each cream has its perks, so I won't say "nothing worked until this". But, this 3-step bundle has won my heart and here's why. It boasts a 97% organic "herbal formula". I'm unsure about the remaining 3%, but it's an excellent leap towards a greener skincare regime. My feet feel smooth yet uncoated, the cream dries swiftly leaving my feet feeling fresh and nourished from within. Unlike many creams, there's no slippery aftermath, just a clean and fresh sensation. Perfect for a barefoot aficionado like me.

    I'm yet to fully commit to the 3-pack bundle but it's definitely next on my list. I'm still squeezing the last bits out of my old tubes, but I'm eagerly waiting to not have to wrestle them open for the last bit of cream. Not a fan of doing that every day, twice!

    So, to wrap it up, this 3-step bundle is effective, eco-friendly, packed conveniently, and a pleasure to use. Plus, it's at least 97% organic and plant-based. It’s a veritable checklist of goodness. What a find!

    -Pamela, Beauty Insider