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5 anti-aging tips to make your skin look better than your age

All women over 50 have one thing in common – they all strive to find a magic elixir to stop the dynamic yet inevitable process of aging. Knowing that is pretty much impossible, the least you can do is improve your health inside and out, resulting in a more rejuvenated mind and appearance. It's never too late to start taking care of yourself and never too early to slow down the aging clock and even reverse some damage already present! Adopting a series of healthy lifestyle habits like a suitable diet, regular exercise, and aesthetic care can significantly delay the effects of aging.

Your skin is the first thing that will give away your age, so proper skin care should be the number one priority on your ever-young to-do list. Other than using your carefully chosen anti-aging cream appropriate for your skin type, I will provide five anti-aging tips for your skin to look fifty (and over) and fabulous.

  1. Clean your skin day and night

From a certain age, the dead cells of your epidermis accumulate on the surface and thicken the outer layer of the skin – which is why it is crucial to eliminate the deposited dirt and impurities daily. Before bedtime, grow a habit of cleansing your skin and give appropriate nourishment with a night cream. And in the morning, don’t forget to remove the remains of the night cream before applying your makeup.

  1. Apply SPF throughout the whole year

The leader of all anti-aging tips is definitely sun protection. The sun is responsible for up to 80% of the signs of premature skin aging and can favor the appearance of spots and wrinkles, especially in menopause. So, no matter how much you love the sun, the main thing is to protect the skin from the harmful effects of its rays. For women over 50, daily use of SPF 50+ cream with a photoprotective filter is a must, even in winter. 

  1. Stay well hydrated

When talking about skincare, hydration is the key! However, you shouldn’t only hydrate your skin only on the surface. Drinking the recommended amount of water is also necessary to keep our body hydrated from the inside. The skin benefits greatly from the consumption of water. With proper hydration, you will get younger, softer, and more elastic skin, which will help you look younger at 50.

  1. Watch what you eat

A nutritious diet is one of the top anti-aging tips for maintaining beauty and youthful skin at 50. It is essential to have a healthy and balanced diet rich in antioxidant foods capable of stopping skin cell aging and maintaining skin elasticity. Some fruits can provide large amounts of vitamin C to your body, which is very beneficial for keeping your skin young and radiant. In addition, try to avoid pre-cooked meals and other processed foods that are harmful to your health and appearance.

  1. Avoid tobacco and alcohol

Both tobacco and alcohol are very destructive to your well-being and beauty. Tobacco leaves your skin very tired and full of toxins, creating more visible wrinkles and uneven tone. On the other hand, uncontrolled alcohol will make your body dehydrate easier, which is not beneficial for your maturing skin. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy an occasional pint of beer or a glass of wine - try to keep it controlled as much as possible!

The passage of time is inevitable, and aging is a natural process that we all must go through, but our face does not have to reflect how old we are. Try following the suggested anti-aging tips and give your skin that smooth, vital, and hydrated look it deserves!

Before I finish, I want to provide you with a pro tip – don’t forget your neck when applying your anti-aging cream! If you still haven’t found a product that will suit your skin, take a peek at this Ageless Neck Balm for recovering wrinkles, flaccidity, and elasticity.

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